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Lesson Details

All lessons are taught at the students' location.

I have a 7 mile travel radius from my home. Please txt or email me with an approximate location to find out if I travel to your area.

If your location is outside my travel radius I may travel there for an additional travel fee.


Each lesson builds on the concepts and skills learned in prior lessons.

Lessons will include sight reading, ear training, scales, arpeggios and chord progressions when the student is ready. 

I incorporate things that appeal to different learning styles.

For example, a visual learner may really enjoy the flashcards used to help learn the notes on the staff. 

For an audible learner they may look forward to hearing me play a new musical passage before talking about it.

 Clapping a rhythm before playing it can really help a kinesthetic learner. 

Lesson Books

For Young Beginners: 

I use the Bastien or Piano Safari method books.  

Students will be excited and engaged with the progress they make.

For Adult Beginners:

I use the Alfred Adult All-in-One Course

For more advanced kids and adults the repertoire is decided on a case by case basis. 

*All books (lesson, ear training, recital, etc.) are an additional cost


I hold 2 recitals each year.

The Spring recital is typically the weekend after Memorial Day and

the Winter recital is typically the weekend before Christmas. 


Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association, Westmoreland Chapter

Special Events: 

Sonatina Competition

Dorothy Sutton Performance Festival - local

Composition Contest

Music Achievement Award for Graduating Seniors

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